Bring it back, bring it back ….. !

14 months since we last sat around the stand and had a blow – it was the Yorkshire Area Championships at Huddersfield on Sunday 8th March 2020 to be precise – thoughts are now turning to how we get the band back together and start making music once more. To do that we have to undergo the rigours of a Risk Assessment (thanks for the templates and guidance Brass Bands England) and put all the social distancing and ventilation measures into practice. We hope our cunning plans will allow us to progress towards the end of May, so fingers crossed!

422 days is a long time to wait to celebrate together our success at Huddersfield, where Solo Horn Scott Bennett claimed the Best Soloist prize as we outpaced old rivals Grimey by 4 to come 7th in the Championship Section, so everyone will be looking forward to catching up and raising a glass for sure. Work and life in general have taken their toll and we’ve lost a couple of players over the year, but they’ll no doubt be with us in spirit (pun intended) if not in person. Hopefully Stan Lippeatt’s shoulder won’t have succumbed as much to arthritis as many lips will have suffered from the long rest!

We already have concert engagements lined up for July and August and we’ll hopefully be fit and ready in time. The autumn promises much for us this year and we should soon be able to announce details of a string of Proms concerts and a special celebratory event to mark the Centenary of Askern Colliery Band. Watch this space and our social media outlets for details as they emerge.

So “get yer lip in” and buckle up sharp boys and girls, we’re headed for the Resurgence Roller Coaster. We’re bringing back the band!