Online Fundraising and Sponsorship

Please take a look at our options for online fund-raising and help us if you can. is a great way to raise money for charities, schools, sports clubs, community groups, and other good causes just by shopping online. You don’t pay anything extra. How does it work?

Do you shop online? Did you know that every time you buy something you could be raising money for Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band?

That’s right – over 2400 well known retailers including Amazon, M&S, Boden, Waitrose, House of Fraser, Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic and many more, will donate a percentage of what you spend to Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band! when you shop with them, via fundraising website

1. Start at easyfundraising
Let’s say you want to buy a book from Amazon. Instead of going to, you go to first – or you can use the easyfundraising toolbar, which is easy to install. Once you have installed it the toolbar remembers your cause is Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band.

2.Make a purchase
You click from the easyfundraising website through to Amazon to make your purchase. The price of the book is exactly the same as if you’d visited Amazon directly.

3.Get a donation
After you have bought your book, Amazon will make a donation to Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band as a thank you for shopping with them. easyfundraising collect these donations, and it costs nothing!

Please click the image below or above to register, every person who registers gets the band £1 even if you dont buy anything. Below are a few online stores that give donations through the easyfundraising site, but there are thousands more, and increasing weekly.

Hatfield Town Council

Hatfield Band secured the support of Hatfield Town Council at the end of 2005. The Council has continued its sponsorship through Hatfield’s merger with Askern Colliery Band to the present day.

As part of this arrangement the band is pleased to provide our services to Hatfield Town Council for several civic events throughout the year including the annual Remembrance Parade in Hatfield and other community and celebration events.


Become a benefactor of the band
As with anything in life, and especially in the current economic climate, there is always a bill which has to be paid. This is no different for Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band and, as you can surely understand, the bills do mount up.

The band is appealing to anyone, be it a FTSE100 company (we wish!) to a satisfied member of a concert audience, for help raising funds which will help towards the running costs of our organisation.

We have put together a benefactor structure offering different levels of return for your investment in the band. Please take a look below and carefully consider if you can help the band.

Become a Patron for life
If you feel that you can donate £400 to the band then you will secure your place as a Lifetime Patron of Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band. You will receive a framed certificate with your Patron number and will be invited with 3 other guests to attend a concert promoted by our band as a VIP. We would be happy to dedicate to you a concert item of your choosing and will receive special thanks by name at the concert.

Sponsor a section
If you are able to donate £100 this would mean you can sponsor an entire section of the band for 1 year. This amount would ensure we can keep all the instruments in that section in full working order. You would be invited to attend a concert promoted by the band and would receive thanks by name at the concert.

Sponsor a player
If you are able to donate £50 this would mean you can sponsor a player in the band for 1 year. This amount will mean we are able to ensure the player has no issues with instrument maintenance and other costs incurred over the course of the year. You will be invited to attend a concert promoted by the band and would receive thanks by name at the concert.

Join Our 100 Club
By joining our 100 Club, your monthly subscription contributes to the band’s income, as well as entering members in a monthly draw.  Full details and a membership application form are available on this web site, just hit the 100 Club tag in the navigation menu above.

Become a Travel Sponsor of the band

Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band is often engaged to perform concerts to audiences at venues outside the local area and as such we frequently use a coach to travel to the engagements. This also applies to our contest commitments during the banding season and as you will surely appreciate, this becomes a significant part of the band’s annual running costs.

We would be delighted to hear from any company that is able to offer a subsidy towards the cost of a coach booking. This could either be as a one-off per engagement or as an arrangement for an agreed number of subsidised booking per year.

In return we would be happy to offer advertising privileged in concert programmes and through this website. There would also be a possibility of including your company name alongside our own in all publicity relating to the engagement for which the travel booking is made. For example, in any press release or mention of the band at or concerning that engagement would be “Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band – travelling to this event with ‘A Bus Company'”

We would be glad to receive a donation of any size, so if you think you can help the band raise the essential funds we need to cover running costs then please contact the band’s Treasurer – Phil Price by email to [email protected]