2023 Band Awards Night

Sunday night saw the Bands Annual Awards night held at Darios Ristorante just down the road from our band room.

With Lots of awards to be had, a mixture of tongue in cheek awards and more important ones the band settled in for a night of Camaraderie and some nice food and drinks. The evening’s musical entertainment was supplied by our very own DJ Bob “Dr Sparks” Brown and a tricky Brass band themed quiz which was compiled by Michael Kennedy.

After our meal and the quiz questions completed, the awards ceremony began.

The First of the main Awards was decided upon between MD Richard Marshall and Resident Conductor Vicki Kennedy and was for the most improved player. This was awarded to percussionist Natasha Littlejohns.

Second up, was the section of the year award. Again, decided by Richard and Vicki, the award went to the Trombone section – Ian Kennedy, Jon Thompson and Adam Foy.


The third award was for the Bands person of the year. For 2023 this was awarded to Jenn Jones.

Next up was the Players Player of the year. After all the votes were counted, the overall majority winner was our Principal cornet player Joe Clarbour.


The last award is the most coveted for band members as it is in memory of our old conductor. The Ken Johnson Memorial Shield is awarded for Outstanding contribution to the band organisation. This was awarded by the Management Committee and both conductors for 2023 to Michael Kennedy.


Along with the main awards some light-hearted, tongue in cheek awards were given out.

Most requests for a new instrument – Neil Wright

Superheroes Award – Anne Clarbour and Beth Littlewood

Pardon?? Award for the quietest section – The Horns, Anne, Beth and Margaret

Most questions asked about Dynamics – Jon Thompson and Mike Kilmartin, who unfortunately couldn’t join us on the night.

Best Prepared Cornet Dep – Bella Marshall

Best Bow and Sleigh Bell player – Esme Marshall

We’ve got no idea what you’re saying award – Peter Tombs

One last presentation was made to our longstanding librarian Brenda Mclauglin on account of her 70th Birthday the week before. Happy Birthday Brenda!

So following the awards the Quiz answers were given, the winners with a respectable 56 points out of 65 were the Kennedy’s.

The rest of the night was filled with music, laughter, fishing games and Kareoke courtesy of Dr Sparks. A great night was had bey everyone!